Artemis is one of the most widely worshiped goddesses in the world today. She is a goddess of compassion, determination, and goodness. She is also the goddess of the beauty of nature, including natural animals and plants. She, partnered with her brother, Apollo, manages the skies of Tarsus. She also has a good relationship with her half-sister, Athena, although the two also share a good-natured but heated rivalry. Artemis governs the cycles of the moon and has a small amount of influence on the tides. The Moonlit Huntress is always watching her enemies, those who prey on the weak and those who would destroy the natural world. This sometimes brings her goals into conflict with more industrious gods and goddesses, even goodly ones. She is Neutral Good. She is associated with the Air, Animal, Good, Plant, and Water domains. Her favored weapon is the bow.


Adventurers of Artemis are among the most common of religious adventurers. They are known for their compassion, diligence, altruism, and their willingness to defend those unable to defend themselves, no matter the cost. They will follow most goodly laws, but will break any law, without hesitation, if it will serve a greater good. Never do they break a law for personal gain, especially not at the expense of another being. They never tolerate the misuse of the natural world, and punish, swiftly and decisively, those who follow this path.


Rangers are among the majority of adherents to the Moonlit Huntress. Druids are also common, but not as common due to


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