Order Lieutenant Delphos Ouran


Delphos Ouran was cast out of Pyrgos at a relatively young age with his mother and older brother; his father was executed under the First Laws of Man.

His mother joined the Order of Black Heaven. He joined when he was 12.

His natural innocence hardened against his former nation, and seeks to rid the world of religious persecution. He isn’t completely aware of the Order’s sinister nature, and thus carries out their orders without question. He looked up to Tychos as a father figure. He is goodly enough, but he has become somewhat impersonal to his job, as he has performed more and more heinous acts.

However, he knows that the Order will ultimately bring about and era of peace. He knows that the Beast is involved, but doesn’t completely understand what his masters intend to do. Doubt has crept into his mind, but he has been avoiding that reckoning. His meeting with the PCs may be just what he needs: to learn the truth.

He has come to Sicyon hunting the Glabrezu G’otog’al. He doesn’t know it, but when he returns with the PCs, he will run into his older brother—none other than the infamous Zeno!

Order Lieutenant Delphos Ouran

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