The Forgotten Ones Campaign

Trek Through the Myndus Woods

Fiends, plants, and mummies, oh my!

We begin our expedition to the lost city of Sicyon. Our first objective is to find clues as to the fate of Aaron and Doros, the two sons of Nicolae the farmer who disappeared two days ago. We follow the Myndus Road, a road that was once well-frequented—in the days when trade between Abydos and Sicyon was common. Calixte and Oeolyca, born in the wild woodlands of Cyrene, soon manage to discover tracks. The tracks have created large furrows in the ground, and rotting, strangely colored vegetation seems to follow the tracks. We deduce that we are looking for an animate plant creature, a shambling mound or tendriculos.

Soon, however, we become aware that the plant creatures may not be the larger problem. As we continue along the road, we notice that the forest has overgrown wildly into the path; a forest that was once relatively tame has regressed to a more primal, primeval state. The leaves have begun to take on a strange color. Deimos finds that the leaf-veins are blood red, and the green on the trees, uncommon for late fall, is unnaturally fluorescent. The forest has become tainted by some unknown power.

After several hours, we reach a clearing in the forest. The clearing seems to have been, in the past, a campsite for travelers on the road. We soon find that it is an ambush site. The keen eyes in the group, Deimos and Calixte, spot a large shambling mound lying in wait just outside the clearing. Some of our stealthier party members sneak around, while those left enter the clearing. The mound attacks, and the hidden party members ambush the ambusher!

After a nasty battle, in which our spellcasters are attacked by assassin vines, we manage to heal and search. We find the body of Aaron in a leafy canopy above the clearing. It seems he was killed by the assassin vines while trying to track the mound as we had done. We find many valuables in the canopy, and several bodies. We find no sign of the younger brother, Doros.

We continue on through the woods. After another couple of hours, we find a fork in the road. The tracks of the shambling mound are no more, and we don’t know which way to turn. We take the left-hand path. We find that it leads to a dead end, marked by an enormous hoary tree. We search, and find the entrance to an ancient underground tomb.

The tomb belongs to the founder of Sicyon, an aasimar by the name of Jaret. Jaret was the third son of the legendary demigod Abydosius, son of Zeus and founder of Abydos. We find a piece of parchment in his sarcophagus. Among other things, it speaks of a romantic connection between Jaret and the queen of the Churning Legion, a kingdom of nereids. Jaret ran away from his commitment to her, and he feared that she would curse Sicyon in punishment.

Before we leave, we are attacked by three mummies. Things look bleak: Ferguson is dismissed, and the party struggles to beat back the mummies’ advance. Io concocts a plan. The party retreats out of the tomb. Io flies to the ceiling, and the mummies attempt to climb the walls to reach her. She casts a number of fire spells. The fire destroys the mummies and the tomb, and Io escapes just before the tomb collapses.



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