The Forgotten Ones Campaign

The Tales of Sicyon

What in Erebus is going on here?

We finally have a little RNR in Abydos! The city is being repaired and restored after the invasion, blockade, and infernal occupation. We help where we can, and manage to unload our metaphoric donkey caravan of treasures. With more drachmas than our wildest dreams, we set about arming ourselves for the dangers that await. Nearing sunset, we are approached by Polydoros, who has some troubling news. We follow him to Epimedes’ manor. As night falls, we learn that Epimedes nephew Alastor, the secret heir to the throne of Abydos, is possessed by a shadow demon. With insufficient means of exercising the child and destroying the demon utterly, we attempt to banish the demon from the child. We are successful, and we manage to defeat the demon, Rabunoz the Possessor, and his animated household objects. As he falls, however, the area around him warps and shimmers: tell-tale signs of a extra-dimensional portal. An enormous hand, darker than the night sky, snatches the helpless Rabunoz. He lets out a shriek, the portal closes, and there is silence. However, the demon leaves something behind. A slip of papyrus-parchment, with a message written in wax: “The Answers lie in Sicyon”.

After the frightening confrontation, we try to learn about this mysterious “Sicyon”. We learn that it was once a city on the very island that we stand on-the sister city of Abydos. However, before we can research further, we hear that a farmer, Nicolae, is looking for adventurers to investigate the disappearance of two of his sons.

We visit the farmer and hear his account of what happened. Underneath his house, we find a strange symbol drawn in the floor, and evidence of a recently excavated and collapsed tunnel. While searching for the strange symbol in Abydos’ archive building, the Tower of Knowledge, we find an ancient map within a file marked “Sicyon”. The pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together, but are we any closer to finding out what that puzzle is?



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