The Forgotten Ones Campaign

The Mask is Removed!

Who is the Speaker in Dreams?

Upon the death of Daros Hellseeker, the pillar of fire rising from the central chamber of the Temple of Apollo subsides, closing the portal between New Abydos and the Hells. The fiends in the nearby area are sucked into the Void. Devils still hold sway in other areas of the city, however. We loot the bodies of the fallen diabolists in the temple. After a short meeting with Zeno, we decide to set out for Regents Keep, despite it being heavily guarded.

Zeno tells us that one of the Cyrenean battleships is missing from the blockade. He goes back to the refugee camp in case of an attack. Before leaving, he gives Deimos a message stone.

We find that many devils have retreated to the Keep after the liberation of the Temple of Apollo. We climb the rough wall and get down the other side on the top of some buildings. A large patrol is making its way down the street below, moving towards us (10 veteran guards, 2 diabolists, and a bone devil). Using pyrotechnics, Io causes the torches of the patrol to explode into showers of blinding light. Most of the guards are blinded and fall to the ground, the others run in fear. The diabolists are taken off guard, and hurriedly set up defensive positions. The bone devil cackles with glee while locked in combat with Oeolyca. Oeolyca looks near death, but with the aid of Alexos‘s healing, we defeat the bone devil and his minions. The blinded guards are released and run away. With the bone devil’s dying breath, he speaks to following words: “Fiends unlike me guard the courtyard; the Speaker in Dreams holds the Regent in thrall…”

We reach the enormous double doors leading into Epimedes II‘s manor. Strangely, it is not guarded (?). However, the doors are locked, barred, and trapped, and we only have a limited amount of time before the dead patrol is noticed and we are discovered. Deimos manages to quickly break the lock and disable the trap, and Oeolyca and Ferguson manage to break the bar through their sheer strength. We’re in!

We arrive in the courtyard. Two paths lead away from where we are. Each are guarded by fiendish statues. Suddenly the statues move and attack! They are fiendish gargoyles, distantly related to devils (“Fiends unlike me guard the courtyard”). After a near defeat, we manage to destroy the monstrosities.

We pass through the manor quickly. The servants and housekeepers of the manor are in a panic. Something is going on! We reach the tall tower of the manor and find a large chamber at the top. Epimedes sits on a throne, stiff and seemingly lifeless. Adjacent to him, the robed figure. The cyclops-mage that attacked us in the alley sits in the middle of the room. The robed figure reveals itself to be a mind-flayer, Ghaerleth Axom, the Speaker in Dreams!!



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