The Forgotten Ones Campaign

The Ghoul Town of Sicyon

The expedition begins!

We rest and recuperate after the battle with the mummies in Jaret’s tomb. Upon awakening, we backtrack to the split in the trail and take to the right-hand path. After a few hours of travel, we reach the outskirts of the city of Sicyon. Before we can look at the city itself, we are beset by an unseen force; a menace of some kind broods here, barring entrance. We manage to overcome it, but just barely, as Alexos almost is driven insane. In that moment, he feels a small amount of the soul-crushing horror that clings to this place. It seems that most of the populace starved to death and were unable to leave the city: the menace that barred passage also prevented escape to those without a strong will. Many resorted to cannibalism, and became ghouls, bolstered by the negative energy spreading from the center of the city. There is another evil about, but we don’t know yet what.

The city itself has become a necropolis; ghouls and zombies skulk the streets and ruined buildings by day. We notice that time moves quickly here, and that plant-life seems to grow abnormally quickly, but always diseased and glowing with sickly hues. We dare not observe longer—we don’t want to know what Sicyon looks like after dark.

As the day passes swiftly by, we search for the Chrysostom Manor. We caught a glimpse of it from the cliff that overlooked the city, but through the ruined buildings and crumbling boulevards, it’s impossible to see very far. We soon are aware that we are being stalked by hungry pale eyes. After a few minutes of caution, we are attacked by seven red-skinned ghouls. We determine that they are fiendish, just as the shambling mound was. Luckily, they prove no match for us.

As the sun begins its descent, we enter the center of town. A fountain lies in the center of a decaying forum of marble and stone. Standing over the fountain is a hideous beast—man-high and with a humanoid body, but with the head, wings, and talons of a vulture. The demon known as a vrock screeches at us, and we are ambushed by several more fiendish ghouls. We are hard pressed, and we soon realize that this demon may be too powerful for us to defeat.



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