The Forgotten Ones Campaign

Secrets of the Chrysostom Manor

And behind the blasted door number 1...

We return to the battle with the vrock, already in progress. Its minions are easy enough to defeat, but the vrock itself seems to be gaining power from the forum fountain which, on closer inspection, is filled with human viscera. We decide that this is a fight we can’t win, and attempt to run towards the manor. Luckily, the vrock also appears to be magically bound to the fountain, and we get away safely. We move closer to the manor.

The mansion is crumbling—the foundation itself seems crumbling. The grand double-doors that lead in have been forced outward, and lie fragmented on the front steps. Io feels a strong magical aura emanating from the empty doorway. Deimos enters in, and immediately vanishes. He finds himself in a dimly lit room filled with half-starved prisoners bound and gagged surrounding a large symbol on the floor. Soon, as we go through the entryway after Deimos, we end up separated, teleported through powerful magicks to different rooms in the manor. Alexos and Renoma are confronted by an attic whisperer and a extra-planar hound in the Chrysostom Nursery. Io and Oeolyca try to escape the clutches of two ghasts in the cellar as corpses animate beneath their feet. Calixte joins Deimos in the sacrificial room, and they attempt to rescue the prisoners. They find one young man that has been recently bled. It’s Doros, the young son of the farmer Nicolae. He’s alive—but barely. We are separated and set upon, and it seems that the main necromantic force of the manor has not even arrived. Can we reunite the party, rescue the hostages, and beat back the forces of Kastor Chrysostom?



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