The Forgotten Ones Campaign

Axom and Company (con't)

Hold this Ground!

We return to the battle against a Cyrenean war priest and his battalion. The war priest raises the dead into skeletons—we are hemmed in! We beat back the undead and barbarians, and manage to take out the evil priest.

We return to the commanders. The western flank, led by Lieutenant Polydoros, has suffered many casualties. The eastern flank, led by Helene, has held up, but not by much. The first wave of barbarians has been routed!

We return to the hill. We learn that Feraxis himself is approaching our position with his terrible steed, Blasphemy, as well as his personal guard. We set up positions, crouching behind boulders for concealment. Deimos drinks an invisibility potion, and scouts ahead. Finding the battalion, he uses the hat of disguise to alter his appearance to look like a Cyrenean warrior. Slipping into the ranks, he tricks one of the barbarians into thinking a certain flask will grant prowess to the user; all he need do is to throw it on the ground in front of him. Of course the flask Deimos gives him is not that, but an explosive flask. Deimos returns to the group stealthily, and we wait.

Lord Commander Feraxis soon comes into view. The barbarians begin to run towards the hill. One of them throws the flask onto the ground, and the barbarians are thrown every-which-way!




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