The Forgotten Ones Campaign

Axom and Company

Of Boss Battles and Skirmishes

We find ourselves in battle with the Speaker in Dreams, Ghaerleth Axom. His crony, the half-fiend cyclops mage-ess, is also there. She has command of Regent Epimedes II, and commands him to attack us! After a pitched battle, in which Oeolyca almost has her brains removed by Axom, Axom and his minions have been defeated, and the Regent has been saved. We search the bodies and find many nice items.

But we don’t have time to celebrate. We recieve a message via the message stone given to us by Zeno. The Cyreneans are attacking! The flagship of the Southern Corsairs, The Abbadon, has crept into one of the natural bays of the island and has sent a large force to assault the southern walls of Abydos. They are headed to the refugee camp!

We meet up with the leaders of the guard: Zeno, Lieutenant Polydoros, and Helene, the Regent of Dallos. We are assigned to hold a central hill; a likely spot for Feraxis to attack with his elite troops.

We set up positions on the hill, and see a small excursionary force approaching. We engage in battle!




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