Welcome to the Forgotten Ones Campaign!

This is the campaign homepage. Feel free to look around using the tabs at the top.

The “Adventure Log” tab is basically a running journal of our characters’ exploits in the world of Tarsus. I’m usually a little behind, and occasionally don’t post for a few adventures so I can make sure there is a fuller story to tell, beyond “We go here, we shop, we talked to some people, yeah…”.

The “Wiki” tab contains a database on the world of Tarsus, including regions, important dates, major and minor countries, and details on races found in the world! It’s continually being updated by yours truly, so stay tuned for changes and/or amendments.

The “Characters” tab includes a list of all of the PCs (player characters) and major and minor NPCs (non-player characters). Feel free to update your characters when we level-up, as I might not have time to, and the crunch stats are really good in case we misplace your folder/character sheet.

The “Items” tab includes a list of all of the items we have accumulated over the course of the adventure. This helps keep track of unique item abilities. Please feel free to add the items we have accumulated, as I am sure to forget some.

The “Maps” tab has a scanned version of the hand-drawn map of the world. There are also markers detailing important cities, places we’ve been, and summaries of past adventures.

Hope you enjoy!

PS: I’m hoping that we will raise money (meaning everyone pitching in five bucks) to upgrade to an Ascendant Campaign, which gives us access to the forums, calendars, more maps, comments, email notifications, and more cool aspects of this site.

The Forgotten Ones Campaign

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